Cool and Creamy Summer Desserts

Cool and Creamy Summer Desserts

Summer is here and it it time for cool and creamy desserts. It is only June and the temperatures  are in the upper 90’s and the heat index is well in the 100’s , plus factoring in the high humidity it is sweltering . When the heat is turned up I want light and airy desserts. These are the perfect desserts to bring to barbecues or just for dessert after Sunday dinner. At first I was going to list these in the order that are my favorites but I couldn’t choose a favorite. So in no particular order , here we go.

Strawberry cake

Strawberry Delight Ice Box Cake

This Strawberry Delight Ice Box Cake that is cool , crisp and has been a family favorite for many years at my house. The cake is bursting with strawberry flavors and is a must have for all of you strawberry lovers.

Strawberry pie

Strawberry Mousse Pie

This easy no bake Strawberry Mousse Pie  is such an easy no bake dessert. If you love creamy desserts and all the gooeyness of strawberry short cake you will love this dessert. This pie I came up with by using ingredients I had on hand and now it is a requested summer favorite.

Chocolate holy cow cake

Holy Caramel Cow Cake

This rich and decadent cake is my version of a holy cow cake. This Holy Caramel Cow Cake will make you say “Holy Cow” after one bite. Out of the four desserts featured here this is probably the richest. This cake is a real crowd pleaser and you will not have a crumb left

chocolate pie

Whipped Chocolate Candy Crunch Pie

Attention chocolate lovers!! If you are a chocolate lover like me this Whipped Chocolate Candy Crunch Pie will be right up your alley. This easy no bake pie is a chocolate lovers dream and will put you into a chocolate coma . The toffee bits added to this pie is just a little something extra and adds a nice crunch and flavor. This pie has chocolate crust, chocolate filling and chocolate whipped cream. The perfect chocolate dessert for the warmer months.


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