Creamy Slow Cooker Chicken

Creamy slow cooker chicken with pasta in a serving bowl

Savory and full of flavor this super easy creamy slow cooker chicken is a perfect budget friendly meal the whole family will love. This is an easy dump and go recipe , the slow cooker does all of the work.  If you try just one of my recipes this is the one to try.  I mean who doesn’t love the zesty flavor of this wing sauce , incorporating this into a dish was the best thing I ever did. This is the perfect recipe for someone that thinks they can’t cook. If you know a college student or young couple ..bingo this is the recipe for them.


Commonly asked Questions :

Do I have to use Chicken Breast?

For this recipe I use chicken breast but a boneless skinless chicken thigh could be used as well. They just shred a little differently

Where do I get the wing sauce?

Most supermarkets have this wing sauce on their condiment aisle . I have bought it at Wal-Mart and Kroger or it can even be bought at the Buffalo Wild Wing restaurant. If all else fails look on Amazon .

Do I have to use the brand of sauce you used?

When testing this recipe I used the Kroger brand of this sauce and it was good. I have to admit the buffalo wild wing sauce was just a little bit better. Sweet Baby Rae’s makes a version of this sauce but I have never tried it .

Can I use the Instant Pot to make this recipe ?

When testing this recipe I did try this in the instant pot and it worked. Follow the directions just as I wrote them but instead of cooking 3-4 hours on high set your Instant Pot to 12 minutes .

What you will need for this recipe:

  • Slow cooker .. if you plan to cook this when you aren’t near I recommend a crock pot that shuts off like This 
  • tongs
  • Pot to Boil pasta
  • Colander to drain the Pasta
  • chicken breast
  • Garlic parmesan wing sauce- like this
  • milk
  • Minced onions
  • Cream cheese
  • Favorite Pasta

Let’s Make Creamy Slow Cooker Chicken!



Ingredients for creamy slow cooker chicken

Gather the simple ingredients !

wings sauce bottle with milk in itWash and pat dry the chicken breast. Pour the bottle of wing sauce in the slow cooker and pour the milk into the wing sauce bottle.

all of the ingredients poured into crock

Shake the bottle well and pour it in the slow cooker and add the minced onions. Whisk together well .

chicken breast submerged into the sauce

Submerge the chicken breast into the mixture. Place the lid on top and cook on high for 3-4 hours or low 5-6 hours.

Removing the cooked chicken breast

Once the chicken is done carefully remove the chicken breast from the slow cooker and place in a dish.

shredded chicken

Shred the chicken with two forks and place it back in the sauce.

cream cheese added to the sauce and chicken

Cube the cream cheese and submerge the cream cheese in the mixture. Place the lid back on the let it melt while the pasta is cooking.

cooked pasta added to the chicken sauceOnce the pasta is cooked and drained fold it into the creamy chicken mixture.

Plate of creamy slow cooker chicken


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Creamy Slow Cooker Chicken

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Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 4 hours
Total Time 4 hours 10 minutes
Course Crock Pot
Cuisine American
Servings 6



  • 2 LBS of boneless skinless chicken breast
  • 1 12 oz Bottle of Garlic Parmesan Wing Sauce No substitutes -See notes
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 Tablespoon dried Minced Onions
  • 8 oz Cream cheese
  • 16 oz of your Favorite Pasta *see notes


  • Wash and pat dry the chicken breast
  • Pour the bottle of wing sauce in the slow cooker.
  • Pour the cup of milk into the bottle, shake well and pour it into the crock pot.
  • Add the minced onions and whisk together
  • Submerge the chicken breast into the sauce
  • Cook on High for 3-4 hours or 5-6 hours on low
  • Once the chicken is cooked carefully remove it with tongs and place it on a plate it cooking dish
  • Use to forks and shred well
  • Put the chicken bake into the sauce and cube the cream cheese and submerge it into the mixture.
  • Put the lid back on the slow cooker and let the cream cheese melt while you cook the pasta
  • Cook Pasta according the the package and drain.
  • Add the hot pasta to the mixture and stir well making sure all the cream cheese is melted.


You can use any pasta you like , I used Penne but ziti is another great choice.  Skip the pasta and serve it over rice. 
I have made this with Buffalo Wild Wings Garlic Parmesan Wing Sauce but Kroger has there version as well and I have used it . I prefer the Buffalo Wild Wings version but the store brand is ok.  If you don't have this sauce available in your super markets it is available to purchase online . Click HERE to see it on Amazon 
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2 years ago

This creamy chicken is so good. Effortless but so delicious. Thanks so much for the recipe.

Cathleen @ A Taste of Madness

I had to give away my slow cooker when I moved, but I might just get another one just to make this recipe haha. This looks amazing! Thanks so much for the recipe 🙂

2 years ago

I love that you can make this a one-pot meal. Full of flavor and efficient. Thanks for sharing.

2 years ago

Wow, this looks absolutely delicious. I can’t wait to make this in my Instant Pot, and mix it up with some pasta. Great to store for the rest of the week, too!

2 years ago

I love easy recipes that don’t require much effort! This one is perfect for a lazy evening!

2 years ago

Ooh this looks fabulous! What a delicious and easy dinner too! I love creamy pasta dishes so this is right up my alley…might give it a try over the weekend 🙂

Jacqueline Debono
2 years ago

That creamy chicken sauce looks so good. I bet it woul be delicious with rice too!

2 years ago

How fabulous this recipe is! Loving the creamy sauce here. Thanks for sharing a lovely recipe

Moop Brown
Moop Brown
2 years ago

This dish seems like a perfect quick and easy weeknight dish that everyone will enjoy!

Francine Jacobson
Francine Jacobson
2 years ago

Wow what a good recipe and so well illustrated– I made it tonight and it came out perfectly–
I did not know the wing sauce , bright idea–congratulations–
I was frustrated while I was looking at the pictures the add would always come up –very annoying–

Cathy A Anderson
Cathy A Anderson
2 years ago

I made this over the weekend! This is very delicious, decadent, and has a nice kick to it! Next time I am going to make a nice healthy salad on the side to help cut down on the amount my husband and I eat! LOL!

G. C.
G. C.
1 year ago

1 star
I made this 3 days ago. It was so overwhelming with the whole bottle of sauce! I promise you – you only need 1/2 the sauce. Very rich but everything tasted the same. Couldn’t taste the chicken at all. Tasted like nothing but vinegar, creamy Italian dressing-ish.

Larry W Cline
Larry W Cline
2 years ago

If you’re referring to the Sweet Baby Rae’s “Chicken Dipping Sauce”, that’s more of a barbecue sauce. It’s REALLY good, and could probably be used in a recipe like this, but I doubt it would taste at all like what you have here (which also sounds amazing!)