Quick Weeknight Meals

I don’t know about most of you moms out there but on weeknights I need something to cook fast. No time for long drawn out dishes , I save those for the weekends. My weeknight meals need to be cooked and ready in 30-45 minutes or I have 3 hangry teenage boys on my hands. Having a son with autism I have made my weekly menu for a long time . I plan , grocery shop and have everything ready for the week. No I am not super mom , just a slave to the autism. Knowing the menu for the week is one of those little things that makes my son more calm and happy..It’s the little things that please kids on the spectrum.  These are four of my favorite dishes that are easy , quick and economical.

One Pot Chili Mac should be a stable in a busy moms recipe box. This is easy to make and full of flavor. I do have one picky eater at my house and sometimes I leave the beans out, Either way this is a winner.

French Bread Taco Pizza with Chipotle Ranch is one of those recipes I have been making a long time. I have altered it a bit over the years but still super yummy. This will put a twist on taco tuesday everyone ill love.

Sloppy Joe Casserole ….seriously who doesn’t love sloppy joes and casseroles?? I have made several versions of this but using biscuits is my all time favorite.

Fiesta Ranch Chicken and Bacon Quesadillas across the board is probably my families all time favorite quick meal. Even if you don’t have leftover chicken you can do 1 of 2 things.. use a rotisserie chicken from the deli or cook down a couple of boneless skinless chicken breast real quick. These babies are full of flavor and everyone will love these.

I hope this gives some of you busy moms out there some ideas to make life easier.


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