Grape Salad

Grape Salad in a white bowl garnished with pecans

This grape salad is sweet and full of texture, perfect for summer. Chunks of pineapple add pops of flavor and pecans add a nice crunch. One taste of this concoction and believe me you will be hooked and want it all the time. This was something I was wasn’t introduced to until I was an adult and it was love at first bite . To me this grape salad just taste of summer and no summer event is complete without it but it is more like a dessert , or a rich fruit salad. This is the perfect side dish for those summer cook outs or pool party, the ultimate fruit salad

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What you will need to make Grape Salad

  • Grapes-I used the red grapes but a variety will work as well
  • Vanilla yogurt -any brand but I don’t recommend a Greek yogurt
  • lemon juice -fresh or bottled
  • sugar
  • Pineapple-canned it fine-tidbits or chucks but it needs to be drained
  • pecans -if you would rather walnuts this would be a great substitute
  • Large mixing bowl
  • hand mixer
  • A covered bowl or Glad Press and seal

Close up of grape salad garnished with pecans

Let’s make Grape Salad!!

This salad has very simple ingredients with very little prep.  I have had similar salads with a mixture of green and red grapes. That is totally a personal preference and I like all red grapes but a mixture of them are totally acceptable.  First start with washing the grapes really well and letting them dry completely. You can either do this by letting them dry in a colander or laying them out on a flat surface on a towel.


It is a must that the cream cheese is at room temperature and it is even better if the yogurt has the chill knocked off. In a large mixing bowl with an electric mixer whip together the cream cheese, vanilla yogurt , lemon juice and sugar. Mix well until it is nice and smooth. Using an electric mixer is quicker and makes life so much easier.


Add the grapes to the cream cheese mixture and carefully fold them in. All the grapes should be coated really well and I find that a rubber spatula works wonderful for this .


Once the grapes are coated well add the pineapple and toasted pecans. I used canned pineapple but fresh is totally acceptable. As far as pecans I always like toasting pecans , it really sweetens them up. Carefully mix everything together cover and chill for 2 hours up to overnight.

Close up of the grape salad

It is optional but when serving sprinkle a few extra pecans on top.

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Grape Salad

This grape salad is a must side dish for all of your summer events. It is sweet and has bits of yumminess and just taste of summer.
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Prep Time 30 minutes
Course Salads
Cuisine American/Southern
Servings 8


  • 3-4 LBS Red Grapes-Approximately 8-9 cups Cleaned and dry
  • 8 oz cream cheese Room Temp
  • 1 cup vanilla yogurt Chill knocked off
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  • 1/4 cup granulated sugar
  • 1 1/2 cup Pineapple tidbits or chuncks Drained
  • 1 1/2 cup pecans chopped


  • Wash all of the grades and allow them to dry completely
  • In a large mixing bowl with an electric mixer whip together the cream cheese, vanilla yogurt , lemon juice and sugar. Mix well until it is nice and smooth.
  • Add the grapes and carefully coat them with the cream cheese mixture
  • Fold in diced pineapples and pecans
  • Cover and chill for a few hours



This makes a very large it can easily be cut in half
Green grapes or a mixture of the two can be used
If you microwave the yogurt for 30 seconds before adding it to the cream cheese this will prevent lumps while mixing . 
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The Kitchen Whisperer
3 years ago

OMG I haven’t had this since I was little. We had a neighbor that always made this for our summer parties. As soon as she showed up to the party I made a beeline to her dish. I cannot wait to try this! It looks perfect for summer!

3 years ago

Uhh I love this salad! At first I thought it would be a savoury salad with grapes, but I was delighted to learn this is a sweet fruit salad! I always only dress my fruit salads with sugar and lemon juice, so I’m loving the idea of making such a creamy and thick dressing! Can’t wait to try it!

Chandice Probst
Chandice Probst
3 years ago

This is so easy and delicious! Love the addition of pecans… My favorite!

3 years ago

This grape salad seems perfect for summer picnics! I can’t wait to make it once we can get out again 🙂

3 years ago

My mother and I love grape salad. This will be the perfect addition to our menu for Mother’s Day this weekend!

3 years ago

I couldn’t agree with your comment that you should try this at least once in your life. I plan to try it as soon as I can get some grapes. I have a feeling that it’s going to be love at first bite for me, too. I can’t wait.

Mama Maggie's Kitchen
Mama Maggie's Kitchen
3 years ago

This looks so so deliciously good. My husband will love this Grape Salad. I can’t wait to let him taste this.

3 years ago

What a refreshing salad! Perfect for all the grapes I have right now!

Jacque Hastert
Jacque Hastert
3 years ago

I would enjoy this every single day if I could. It looks fantastic and delicious.

3 years ago

I’m very interested in trying this dish. Can the sugar be left out since there is the sweetness from the grapes and pineapples?

1 year ago

The first time I had this was at a Christmas dinner two years ago, believe it or not. Tastes good in the winter, too. When I made it, I used 3 different grapes, green, black & purple.