Low Carb Meal Prep for the Week

Low Carb meal prep

Low Carb Meal prep is so important if you want to stick to you low carb meal plan. Have everything ready for the week to avoid temptations. As most of you know my husband has been following a low carb diet since October successfully. Two major things that I have found that makes his life easy to follow this diet is planning and prepping. If he has all of his meals pre-made for the week and all he has to do is grab and go he is set up for success. This plan has breakfast, 2 main dishes to have some variety and a delicious snack. I find Sunday meal prepping and dividing them in small containers is the easiest so then he is set for the week. Just click on the link below the pictures and you will get all of these yummy recipes.

Let’s Low Carb Meal prep for the week!


Low Carb Meal prep muffins

Low Carb Southwest Egg Muffins

The Recipe makes 12 muffins , so put 2 in a ziplock bag and you have break fast for 6 days

Lunch and Dinner


Low Carb Meatballs and Creamy Spinach

Low Carb Meal prep soup


Low Carb Bacon Cheeseburger Soup

If you like a little variety cook both and alternate them . Both of these dishes are full of flavor and I honestly can’t chose a favorite


Low Carb Meal prep cheese ball

Low Carb Spicy Cheese Ball

Put a couple tablespoons of this in a container with fresh sliced cucumbers or celery and it will keep you from having a “snaccident” LOL. This is also great if you are invited to someone’s house to watch a game or visit . I usually make this and bring along so there will be some kind of low carb snack.



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